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Exhibition stand virtual environments

Taking our work in augmented reality to the next level, we are also able to create bespoke virtual 3D environments that can be used on stand. While some of the devices we use have been in existence for some time, their use on stands remains rare, so by choosing this digital engagement option you’ll be making the choice to stand out from the crowd as doing something different, new and exciting.

Our team is experienced in creating bespoke graphic landscapes to represent services and products in an easy-to-digest digital format. Developing these landscapes into a three-dimensional environment allows you to demonstrate products and allow the user to explore, providing them with a journey or experience they will remember long after the end of the show, thereby prolonging the life of your message. Virtual reality headsets can be used to further enhance the user experience, and ensure that the focus on show day is on your stand rather than your competitors.

Multiple calls to action can be included within the experience, as well as opportunities for data capture.