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A well-designed exhibition stand isn’t enough to attract and maintain attention in a busy exhibition hall but engagement tools can help you stand out from the crowd. Engagement can help drive footfall, generate leads, create memorable experiences and vitally, deliver return on investment.

We can create games that bring your brand to life, offer bespoke surveys and quizzes, and design augmented and virtual reality. Each engagement tool will be designed with your objectives in mind to help you deliver results.

What is audience engagement?

An effective exhibition engagement tool should drive footfall whilst helping to address your business objectives. 

This can be achieved through physical or digital games, quizzes, augmented reality and a whole range of bespoke options.

We believe the strongest form of engagement combines the positive interaction of physical and the measuring possibilities of digital – called ‘phygital’.

Combine physical interactivity with digital Content

Phygital describes how an unusual physical interaction (beyond traditional mouse, keyboard or touchscreen inputs) interacts with digital content.

Nimlok’s engagement team are masters of engineering all sorts of bespoke brand relevant interactions that create an experience unique to the live event environment.

These quirky interactions create intrigue, draw a crowd and deliver a memorable interaction with a twist (You can take “twist” literally if that’s what you require!).

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Delivering Memorable Experiences

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final piece of the ROI puzzle

Exhibition Stand Team Training

Whilst Nimlok can help you stretch your budget further by reducing investment using our bespoke hire and increase returns with our unique engagement tools, the success of the show also rests on the selling ability of your event team.

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