Exhibition Stand Media Centres

Engagement Through Media Centres

If you’re looking for a different way to display your promotional literature, and want to encourage interaction with multiple sources of information about your brand, why not consider a media centre? 

These on-stand tools host everything in one place, allowing visitors to access a multitude of information about your company at a single touch screen kiosk.

Benefits of producing a media centre include:

  • You can host a wide range of content encompassing publications, tools, video, short questionnaires and contact forms – all in one place
  • The content can be translated into multiple languages hosted on the same platform
  • Anyone viewing the media centre can opt to email themselves any of the content so it is waiting in their inbox on their return from the show, saving on printing and transportation costs for promotional literature and adding the opportunity for tailored data follow-up
  • You can use it over and over again for different purposes, including other exhibitions, pitches and internal events.

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