The Power of Phygital Engagement

In an increasingly digital age, innovative technology is vital to create real engagement. We believe that using physical movement combined with digital technology, or ‘phygital’, is the key to creating memorable experiences with your visitors when exhibiting.

The power of phygital lies in its ability to allow audiences to have maximum involvement and immersion in your brand whilst being able to measure their interaction.

Phygital Engagement in Action - Blum

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Phygital on stand

For Frese, an innovative engineering business, launching a dynamic balancing valve, we created a value balance challenge game to drive home the problem with the world without their wonderful new product. 

This saw Nimlok’s engagement team attach rotational sensors to real valve handles that controlled the valves within the on-screen game in front of them. 

Highlighting how difficult it is to manage a related set of values, reminded the visitor of the problem, and created the perfect context for Frese’s team to them introduce their new product.

Creating Real Results

Phygital engagement will drive visitor numbers, increase dwell time and help to improve the memorability of your brand.

Nimlok can also integrate data capture forms with the engagement tool to drive lead generation.

Constantly Evolving

Our engagement team are always working on new, innovative ways to develop our phygital offerings, from Batak games to virtual reality.

We can offer bespoke and brand ready options, so get in touch with our team to see how we enhance your stand and improve your results.

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