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The do’s and don’ts of stand engagement

No matter what reason for exhibiting, every business at a show has one thing in common; the desire to use the most powerful of weapons: stand engagement visitors face-to-face.

The do’s and don’ts of stand engagement

For some, an exhibition is vital to obtain leads or sales, for others it provides an opportunity to conduct research or host product demonstrations to the perfect target audience.

But how, in a crowded exhibition hall where attention spans and time are both in short supply, do you maximise the potential to attract visitors onto your stand?  How do you retain their interest enough to engage in a memorable conversation?

We’ve compiled the following points on visitor stand engagement. They outline why and how you can use engaging content, tools and technology. By considering and implementing them you can increase the amount of people you talk to, improve conversation quality and ensure you’re seeing a return for your investment when exhibiting.


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