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As a leading exhibition stand contractor we certainly know a thing or two about exhibiting and we want to share that knowledge to help you maximise your exhibiting experience.  This section of our site offers advice, tips, articles, and guides, all of which are aimed at helping you get the most out of your exhibiting experience.

ree stuff at exhibitions – pens, stress balls and bowls of sweets; we’ve all seen them in the show hall. You take the free pen, the stress ball and the sweets, politely say thank you, and move onto the next stand without really paying attention to which business...
Are your stand staff boring visitors when you exhibit? Are your exhibiting goals and ROI being diminished as a result? If so, there could be a lack of experience, motivation or confidence getting in the way of that vitally...
Hospitality on an exhibition stand is often considered a nice to have but not completely necessary activity. All too often, hospitality has be seen as just another cost with no actual return on investment...

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