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Ok, so you’ve made the decision to exhibit, chosen your key target shows and booked your stand space. Now it’s time to design the all-important stand, the platform that will showcase your brand to your target audience. It’s important to get it right as it’s your one big chance to impress. That’s a lot of pressure, right?

If you have available budget, you might be tempted to throw your full financial weight behind your exhibition presence, buying everything but the kitchen sink. But beware – the more costly option doesn’t always generate the best return on investment.

Hire for exhibitions

A great way of maximising your return on investment while maintaining the quality of your exhibition stand is to hire some or all of its elements. The upfront investment is smaller and you don’t have to pay to store the stand in between events. But the benefits of hire don’t stop there.

Seasoned exhibitors

You’re accustomed to exhibiting and a well-known face at your key industry shows, but aren’t you a little concerned that people might get a bit too used to seeing you around? Even the most exciting bespoke stand is going to become old hat after a few exhibition outings, so why not consider hiring elements so you can change your ‘look’ each time?

New or infrequent exhibitors

Hiring an exhibition stand is a great option if you don’t exhibit often enough to justify the cost of buying one, or if you’re keen to dip your toe in the exhibiting water without too much financial commitment.

Growing businesses

If you’re growing rapidly, developing new products or acquiring new businesses, you might well be anticipating changes to come in how your brand will look and what you’ll want to display in the coming years, so you might want to consider the flexibility and value of hire.

Overlapping events

If you’ve lots going on during the exhibiting year, with events that overlap or are close together, you can now be in two places at once by supplementing your existing stand (whether rented or bought) with a hired duplicate.

Bespoke Design – Hire Architecture

Still need persuading why hire could be right for you? Well, our bespoke architecture for hire also gives you the wow-factor on the show floor, creating a stunning stand design which will impress your audience and clearly communicate your campaign message. You can hire archways, pelmets, hanging structures and counters in various shapes, sizes and styles, as well as framework, walling, doors, lights, audio/visual equipment and furniture, all of which can be customised to showcase your brand to its full potential.

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