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Seven deadly exhibiting sins

Having the right people manning the stand is key. Having invested time and money into the planning of the show, the last thing you need is for your stand staff to mess it up! They are what will make it or break it for you and the way they conduct themselves will leave a lasting impression on the visitor.

Choosing the right staff for your next exhibition

Make sure yours are well trained, understand the objectives of the stand and each member’s specific role in achieving them. Tell them why you are exhibiting, what you’re exhibiting, what you expect of them and show them how to do what you expect of them.

It’s not enough to have a great looking exhibition stand – the attitude, appearance, body language and knowledge of your stand staff is critical for your future relationships with attendees, prospects and clients.

You may want to consider a stand-staff training course that can be tailor-made to your specific objectives. You should include sales techniques in any training course you decide to do as selling on an exhibition stand is different to the traditional face-to-face sales call.

Who to select

Take time to select the right exhibition team. Consider the following selection criteria:

  • Personality
  • Attitude towards exhibitions
  • Previous experience and performance on the stand
  • Product/industry knowledge

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