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Track and Follow-up

Effective follow-up is too valuable a tool to misuse and your plan for how you conduct your follow-up should be well thought through in advance. Use your ranking system to determine the type of follow-up each prospect will receive.

Evaluating your leads after the exhibition will only give a small part of the overall picture. Effective lead-tracking should be conducted 3, 6 and maybe 9 months after the show to get a true picture of the success of the event.

Every prospect should receive a timely follow-up (within 3 – 5 days of the show) based on your ranking system. Some will only receive a thank you letter whereas you’re hottest prospects will be expecting a sale visit.

How you behave towards these prospects in the period immediately after the show will tell them quite clearly how much you want to do business with them.

And remember, if you don’t follow-up the chances are your competitors will!

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