Exhibiting in Europe

Delivering Across Europe

Clients exhibiting in Europe follow exactly the same process with us as our UK exhibitors do. If you are exhibiting in Europe we will create a uniquely designed bespoke exhibition stand for you in the UK and use our European network to deliver it directly to your European venue so you receive the most cost effective process.

Extensive European Experience

Our extensive European experience and resources, including crew and logistics hubs in Germany, Italy and Spain, means we have the edge over other UK exhibition stand contractors. Our euro-hubs offer a network of storage and logistics facilities supported by local crew and located close to many of Europe’s major exhibition venues. This means:

  • You save on transport and handling costs by not having to ship directly to the venue
  • Travel and other time related expenses are reduced through using our local crews
  • You save on further logistical costs like post event storage and onward shipping for pan-European show schedules
  • You are helping the environment

Don’t worry if you haven’t budgeted for changing your look when you next exhibit. You can hire a bespoke exhibition stand that will still be unique in design. Our extensive and diverse hire inventory makes it easy to create an individual design without a big upfront investment and associated costs such as storage.

For more information on exhibiting abroad contact us today.

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