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Bespoke exhibition stands

Creating engaging, custom-designed exhibition stands is what we do. We know you’ll want to look amazing but we’re also committed to designing an exhibition stand that works for you. As well as being high impact, it’ll be designed ergonomically to ensure that everything is in the right place and functions perfectly in tandem with the aesthetics.

We know that every brand is different and our clients want to look their very best when they exhibit. That’s why our exhibition stands are always unique for each and every client. We want you to stand out in the exhibition hall and showcase your brand successfully. You can be assured that your stand will be bespoke to your brand despite being modular in nature.

Bespoke exhibition stands combining custom design with modular advantage

Nimlok exhibition stands are all designed with flexibility and reconfiguration in mind. That’s why modularity is at the core of our philosophy. Modular exhibition stands make it easy to adapt to our clients’ changing needs, locations and exhibiting schedules. Your exhibition stand can extend as your business grows. You can also reconfigure your exhibition stand to fit different footprints and you can hire additional components for more impact in larger spaces.

When it comes to the types of stands we offer, it’s simple. Depending on your brief and your budget you can choose to create a bespoke exhibition stand to buy. This would be a good choice if you have a larger budget and a defined longer-term exhibiting schedule ahead encompassing three or four shows per year of a similar footprint.

Alternatively, you can choose to create a bespoke exhibition stand to hire which is a sensible choice if you don’t want the commitment of an upfront investment, do not have a defined exhibiting schedule, or are new to exhibiting and want to test the water.

If you’re looking for something on a smaller scale you can choose to create a self-build exhibition stand. We can train you on how to assemble this yourself, although we would always advise allowing us to project manage, install and dismantle your exhibition stand, in order to ensure you get the best result for your investment.

Nimlok also provides a comprehensive range of portable displays offering easy assembly and different design options with flexible configurations and interchangeable graphics, making them great for exhibitions, event branding, point of sale and promotions.