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De-brief the team and evaluate the show

Have a meeting with the team involved during all stages of the exhibition and obtain an honest assessment of what worked and what did not. Do this straight away while people’s impressions are still fresh in their minds. Write a post-show evaluation and highlight areas for improvement or change for future events.

Here are ten key questions to ask:

  1. How did you perform in relation to your exhibiting goals?
  2. What could you do differently to improve your performance next time?
  3. What were the major problems/challenges?
  4. What happened that you did not expect or for which you were unprepared?
  5. In what areas do you need more preparation?
  6. What changes could be made to improve your exhibition stand?
  7. What response did you get to your pre-show and at-show promotions?
  8. How did the quality of visitors rate in relation to your needs?
  9. How effective was your staff?
  10. Would you exhibit at this particular show again?

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