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Dress for the occasion

How should you dress at an exhibition? This can be difficult to determine as many factors can be considered. However, it is extremely important that your staff are presentable as they represent an integral part of your company image.

Establishing a type of ‘uniform’ is a popular method for many companies. At some shows it is acceptable to dress casually. Logo apparel works well as brand awareness and helps create memorability. However, it is not suitable at all shows. Some companies opt for a theme to their stand and carry this through to their dress code in the form of a national costume, specially designed shirt or other bespoke dress wear. Others prefer a business suit.

Which route you opt for is down to you and the objectives you have set. What’s important is that you communicate what you require to your stand staff beforehand so as to avoid a representative turning up in attire that is embarrassing to the company.

If colour or style is important, make sure you specify exactly what you want. For instance don’t tell them dark trousers/skirt, rather, say blue, black or grey.

A uniform can turn your staff into a network of moving advertisements for your company. Your staff are easily identifiable anywhere on the show floor. This unified look can help promote a team atmosphere and make your staff feel more comfortable and therefore more productive.

A word of warning – the high visibility created by uniforms makes it essential that your staff are on their best behaviour at all times, on and off your stand!

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