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Four stages of exhibit selling – stage 1

Engaging your visitors

Welcome and thank each visitor for coming to your exhibition stand. Smile, maintain eye contact, and shake hands. You want to create rapport and a positive impression right from the start. Asking questions to reveal needs is a powerful way to let prospects know that you’re interested in gaining information to help them solve their various problems or challenges. Ask questions beginning with who, what, where, when, why, or how. Relate those questions to the industry, your products or services, their benefits, or a specific situation.

Engaging questions include finding out with whom you are talking and where they’re from. Ask them rather than relying on the information on their badges, which may be difficult to read.

Use questions such as:

“What are your main objectives for attending this show, and what specific products or services are you looking for? ”

“What project are you presently working on? ”

“What are some of the major challenges you’re experiencing? ”

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