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Four stages of exhibit selling – stage 2

Qualifying your visitors

Qualifying your prospects means finding out if your visitors really make the grade. Continue to ask open-ended questions to uncover the prospects’ level of interest in or need for your products or services, to inquire into their decision-making process (that is, their influence and /or authority), and to explore their time and budget parameters.

Remind your team to observe the 80/20 rule – listen to prospects for 80 percent of the time and talk for only 20 percent. Remember that you’re trying to uncover their needs so that you can better present your solutions.

To investigate their needs you must move on to more probing business-specific questions to create the fuel for your ultimate sale.

Use questions such as:

“What do you like most about the product/service you presently use, and what would you like to change?”

“What are your top three criteria for buying?”

“Are you part of a buying team and, if so, what specific information are you seeking?”

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