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Integrate brand awareness

Since exhibiting is a powerful extension of your company’s advertising, promotion, public relations and sales function, that automatically means it is an excellent way to enhance brand awareness. Everything your company stands for, no matter how large or small, is being exhibited on the show floor. There should be total consistency, congruity, clarity and focus in every aspect of your exhibiting program, before, during and after the show. Consider three important points to integrate brand awareness into your tradeshow programme:

  1. Consistency and repetition are vital in creating brand awareness. People buy brands they know and they trust!
  2. Ensure that all your marketing and promotions are consistent and have your logo, colours, typeface, slogans and characters. Everything you develop should have the same look and feel.
  3. How your company, products and services is perceived is a major factor in their choice of brand preferences and their buying behaviour.

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