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More than a two day show

Exhibition space is expensive so you want to maximize your return from it right? Then you can’t just rely on the people walking through the door of the venue stumbling across your key bit of real estate. You must encourage them to attend and then you must make your brand unmissable – even to the folks who don’t actually make it to the show!

Successful modern marketing relies on multiple touch points for people to engage with your brand and one of these of course has to be face to face. Only an exhibition gives you the environment where “permission ” is granted by the visitor to engage with them at a personal level without any prior filtering. Yet whilst an event is a major effort it has proven benefits, so its vital to use all the touch points you can to ensure you get to stand toe to toe with your potential customers.

This series of articles gives a basic overview of many of these touch points and this time we are featuring the use of a website tailored specifically to your event programme.

This can take several forms and a brief description of the most popular are as follows…

1) Microsite which stands alone (although usually linked) from your main website and features specific information relevant to the event. This has the benefit of being cost effective to create and also acts as an opportunity to evolve your branding to the next level in a form of test micro-environment. It will not negatively affect the search engine optimization (seo) of your main site if completed within some minor boundaries but gets the point across if eloquently designed.

2) New Pages built into your main site. This can actually be more expensive and risks your search engine ranking if not done correctly. Created in synergy with the current site however and with seo friendly content in mind it can have positive effects on your search results whilst also getting your point across regarding your event.

3) Pages in your current site modified to carry new information. This appears the most simple and in terms of cost it is, however you risk replacing established, search engine trusted content with new information that could jeopardize your ranking. In general it is better to add content than replace it, however if your market is not search engine relevant it is not an issue. An example might be that you steer all visitors to your site through pay per click or direct url entry from advertising. This form also gives the new product/service an air of credibility by being totally integrated with your existing online presence.

From this structural base, all of which have their pros and cons, the content can feature some or all of the following content:

Feature pages on your new product or service being launched at the exhibition you are planning to attend. This can then act as a landing page for those you direct from e-shots, follow-up calls, literature or presentations at the event.

Teasers and incentive campaigns to encourage a visit to your stand such as prize draws or interactive games. Site visitors can book a slot to meet you or one of your technicians, register for your seminar, pre-register for a prize draw or other incentive and/or get a feeling for your new launch or update being released at the show.

Then, beyond the scope of the product/service specific information conduit, take the interactive experience from your event and deliver it online. Its a great tool for engaging those who didn’t show up who you still want to target and if the experience was strong enough it should be reinforced with those who competed at the event. They’ll recommend it to colleagues to try and beat their score and suddenly you have your very own mini viral!

As a touch point in the multi-level marketing campaign the web is a strong and centric tool. With the content so easily managed in its electronic form and the opportunity to use that information across many platforms then event specific web content is a must. Consider the channels through which a potential customer may touch your brand- e-shot, search engine or direct url from a brochure, mailer or business card and it amortizes into very cost effective marketing. Add video content and it becomes your very own TV channel to run alongside your event- more of which in a future article.

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