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Prepare your show staff – part 3

What do you expect from your team?

Brief your team on a daily basis and remind them what is expected. Tell them how many visitors they need to interact with and what information you are interested in capturing.

Designate a leader to be in charge of the stand each day.

The leader should devise a break rota so that the whole team can stay motivated and fresh, get to see the rest of the show and get some lunch!

Remind them of how you expect them to conduct themselves and of any special activities happening that day. For instance, you may have pre-arranged for a journalist to visit your stand at a particular time. Brief your team to expect the visit, to whom the journalist should be directed and the nature of the visit.

Also it’s worth reminding them that they shouldn’t eat, drink, smoke, sit, chew gum, read, chat with colleagues or use mobile phones when working on the exhibition stand. It’s also bad practice and very uninviting to have staff with their backs to the aisles.

Tell your team how to meet your expectations

Your chosen team may need specific areas of training to enable them to meet your expectations. For instance, they may need to know how to demonstrate a new product that you are displaying or how to qualify prospects effectively. Remember, just because they are your best sales people doesn’t automatically make them the most effective exhibition stand team. The skills are very different and you need to train them.

Identifying how many staff you need

Deciding on how many staff to man the stand can be difficult. This will depend on the size of the stand and the available free floor space. You don’t want to flood the stand with staff so that there is no room for visitors! Or, to frighten visitors from coming onto the stand.

As a general rule, you require one person per 4.5 square metres of space. Think carefully about the placement of your staff and how you want them to ‘work’ the stand.

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