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Prove that your tradeshow participation contributes to the bottom line

Keeping an accurate track of your leads allows you to measure sales directly attributable to your tradeshow participation. Recorded data helps in measuring the results of the exhibition and lends itself to analysis. Top management is interested in seeing the effect tradeshows have on the bottom line. Other important information you can track includes types of prospects who visited the exhibition stand, products/services of interest, buying intent, results of any pre-show promotional activity, etc.
Lead-management is one of the vital keys to tradeshow success. It starts with knowing at the outset what you want to achieve, then continues by establishing a user-friendly strategy. Finally, the actual follow-up operation leads to bottom-line profitability.

At the end of the day, the key to your exhibiting success lies in your follow-up process. Remember, if you don’t follow up, your competitors will. So the final results are in your hands!

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