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The magic of using booklets for tradeshow giveaways

Sweets, squeeze balls, pens, and key chains – these provide questionable value to anyone visiting or staffing a trade show exhibition stand. More and more meeting and marketing professionals are considering something a little different – booklets. They are a way to attract higher quality prospects, reap a handsome return on the investment of time and money that trade show participation requires, and help set a company apart from the crowd.

What is a booklet? The ultimate purpose of a booklet is to educate a target audience. It contains tips, techniques or strategies to help accomplish certain tasks. Typically it fits perfectly into a pocket or briefcase, and can conveniently be mailed in a standard business envelope.

The following five points highlight how you can use booklets as a powerful marketing tool to increase sales from tradeshow exhibition leads.

1. Why booklets make a great exhibition giveaway item.

Booklets have a lasting value, more than many handouts currently used at trade shows. Yet booklets are not overpowering in any way. One major purpose in exhibiting at a show is to educate your target audience about how you can provide solutions to their challenges. A booklet packed full of a useful tips might address those challenges. In addition, it heightens your company’s credibility as an expert in the industry, and draws prospects to you when it’s time to purchase.

Your company’s name on a coffee mug or pen doesn’t quite have the same impact when prospects are looking for solutions to their challenges. Rather when they easily read your information in a booklet, you’re perceived as knowledgeable. You also leave readers with the distinct impression that you are looking to establish a rapport and a business relationship with them. Handing out booklets separates you from those with a bowl of imperial mints at their stand or those who offer yet one more carrier bag. Moreover, the cost of booklets is less than many other giveaways and can effectively and easily be used throughout the year in other parts of your sales and marketing efforts.

2. Who uses booklets as a giveaway?

Anyone in any industry who is selling or exhibiting at a tradeshow is a candidate for using booklets as a unique promotional tool. A company can write and produce their own booklet, have a booklet produced for them, or purchase copies of someone else’s booklet on a topic of interest for their target audience. Small, mid-sized, and large companies alike use booklets. The minimum purchases are usually completely manageable, and there is an economy of scale as you purchase larger quantities.

3. What kind of information should be included in a booklet?

The best information to include in a booklet is common sense, grass roots, basic, practical “how-to” content on a topic relevant to your business and important to your customers. The material can be solutions to everyday concerns, which people often overlook. Sometimes the “magic pill” answer to challenges turns out to be information that is known but simply forgotten. The booklet acts as a reminder. It can also contain new information for novices to an industry.

4. How else can you use a booklet to market your company?

Once you have produced a booklet, you can often find other organisations that can benefit from it. This then helps to recoup your production costs, should that be of concern. For example, a manufacturer could sell it to distributors. You also continue marketing your own company and generate new revenue in the process.

Other uses include direct mail campaigns or licensing the rights to your booklet to another company. Licensing might also involve translating it into other languages to reach additional markets. Licensing agreements mean that the client produces the booklet. Your company grants specific rights, by written contract, for the client to produce the booklet manuscript that your company owns.

Identify prospects in your own industry by looking at buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Each is a marketing niche. Approach them in a common sense way. Remember that you are providing solutions to many of your clients’ problems.

5. What common mistakes do companies make when exhibiting?

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when exhibiting is to duplicate what other exhibitors are giving away or to repeat what the company has done year after year regardless of the results. An uninteresting handout makes the statement that a company has given little thought to their clients’ needs. The importance of educating clients about how you can help them cannot be overstated. When your company makes one more sale because someone reads the booklet you gave them, the investment of purchasing or creating the booklet pays off handsomely.

Getting a return on the overall investment of the tradeshow is ultimately the primary reason for attending the exhibition at all.

Using a booklet as a trade show exhibition stand giveaway creates magic as you enjoy better-qualified leads that produce larger sales over a longer period of time with well-educated clients. A small investment in a booklet is definitely worth the large return.

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