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Why hire?

If you have big ambitions for your brand and want to make your budget realise its full potential, why not hire an exhibition stand?

Hiring elements of your stand means you can achieve maximum impact whilst making minimum demands on your marketing budget.

This is because Nimlok’s bespoke hire stand service delivers a beautiful stand designed to your requirements which utilises the underlying value and convenience of a behind-the-scenes hired structure, hired feature architecture plus totally custom design elements too.


Who should hire?

Exhibition stand rental is the perfect solution if:

  • You’re fairly new to exhibiting and want to assess ROI before committing to future events.
  • You are an infrequent exhibitor or do not have a defined event schedule.
  • You want to test a show or format before making a purchase.
  • You have clashing exhibitions or your shows are in quick succession.
  • You need to change your stand design frequently to accommodate new campaigns, products or service lines.
  • You want to magnify your stand size or presence for minimal outlay.

Hire stand example 80 percent hire 20 percent purchase

Many of our experience exhibitors are surprised to know that upward of 80 per cent of your stand architecture, walling, archways, framework, counters, doors, plinths and lighting can be hired at a fraction of the purchase price, offering you a wide range of options and flexibility to change the look of their stand as often as they’d like.

Put us to the test with our free speculative stand design service to see how Nimlok’s hire options could make your exhibiting ambitions a reality. Book an appointment and see some inspiring examples of hire architecture in our showroom. For more information about hire download our Why Hire? guide.