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3 secrets to getting stakeholder buy-in

June 2, 2016 |

As marketers, we all have to face stakeholder buy-in before we can go ahead with our exciting exhibiting campaigns.

Stakeholders that need to buy-in to your idea hold the purse strings. Without their approval, your project isn’t going anywhere. From their point of view, they need to make sure they’re making the best decision for the business.

Let’s make it as easy as possible for them to say “YES!” shall we?

Here are our 3 secret tips for achieving stakeholder buy-in for your next exhibiting plan.

How to get STAKEHOLDER buy in

1. Live your objectives

Everything should be about your objectives. Everyone has exhibiting aims, but are they the right ones? Saying that you’re simply going to ‘gain more leads and sales’ than the last year can seem like a token response that hasn’t been thought through.

The secret to living your objectives is to link them back to your company’s commercial goals by paying particular attention to the exhibition’s specific target audience.

We’ve written a more detailed post about how to align your business and exhibiting objectives here if you’re interested in delving further into this topic.

If your exhibition brief clearly outlines that your objectives will help the business to deliver against the wider aims then it immediately makes the idea more lucrative. It also gives the project more gravitas to see how it’s connected to the bigger picture.

2. Fast facts and figures

We all love a solid fact to back up an idea. It gives ideas substance and helps people to make an informed decision rather than purely on gut feel.

For example, you could use figures from previous exhibitions you’ve been to. What were your outcomes? Did you see growth from the show? What are you changing this time to achieve better results?

If it’s a new show, or your first exhibition, don’t fret. You can still use facts and figures from the organiser of the show you’d like to exhibit at. How many potential customers could you interact with? How does this match your objectives?

What are your targets for the exhibition based on your objectives? What could a successful show look like commercially?

3. Make it clear

It’s no secret that stakeholders are time-poor people. They need to make an informed decision about your project and to do that, they need it laid out in the right way to digest the information quickly.

To get the decision you need, you should pay as much attention to how you present your plan to stakeholders as you do to the plan.

Don’t leave it until the last minute before your meeting as preparation is key.

Whatever method you choose to present your campaign brief, get to the point early, keep it clear and always keep in mind the question of “why should they care?” when seeking stakeholder buy-in.

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