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Benefits of Exhibition Stand Hire

October 29, 2012 | Gemma Russo

Did you know that up to 80% of an exhibition stand can be hired for your event or exhibition? Take a closer a look at our infographic for some compelling reasons why you should seriously consider hire as an option for your next event.

Everyone knows you can hire a car. Most people know you can hire furniture or hardware for an event. Some people know you can even rent a handbag! However not many people know you can hire an exhibition stand.

If you’re planning an exhibition at some point in the future, it’s definitely worth exploring the options of hiring new stand architecture or, if you have an existing stand, hiring some extra components or additional architecture to complement. There are many options to choose from with hundreds of permutations and thousands of options!

It’s often surprising how such a unique look can be achieved with exhibition stand hire. No two hire options look the same. So, for clients that need to change their branding and messaging frequently, hiring an exhibition stand is an economical and hassle free option.

Take a look at some of our live projects to see what can be achieved with exhibition stand hire.

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