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Create positive, memorable experiences when you exhibit

June 18, 2014 |

For me, a great B2B exhibition is one that I walk away from feeling inspired, informed and engaged with. After being showered with a plethora of activity throughout an exhibition, it’s often hard to recall every moment, but there are always a few that stand out in my mind.

Whether you’re imparting emotional or knowledge based moments of value, this is the key to creating positive, memorable experiences that can help increase brand awareness.

Here are my 3 top tips for exhibitors to create memorable moments with real examples of how we’ll be doing this for Marketing Week Live.

Nimlok exhibiting at Conference Expo 2014

1. Creating a positive experience

As an exhibitor, it would be hard to refute that exhibitions are not about generating new business – in fact we know that nearly half of an exhibitor’s strategy is focused around sales.

As well as considering your exhibiting goals, it’s important to consider what you want your visitors to feel after visiting you and how they will remember your brand.

Having a theme is a great foundation to start building a positive and memorable experience.

For Marketing Week Live 2014, our theme is ‘What’s your angle? Visit… Then exhibit’. We’re helping visitors focus on why they attend exhibitions so that they can consider using these angles when they exhibit themselves. Understanding this will help guide exhibiting strategy that will create your own visitors’ positive experience.

2. Engage me, make me react

Although people have many reasons for visiting exhibitions, most will want to be entertained in some way. After all they’re taking valued time out of the office to be there. Inject a bit of engagement to help gain traffic to your stand as visitors love to get hands on and be involved.

It’s important however, to make sure that your engagement plan is related to your stand theme and to tie in with the reason you’re there. Keeping your engagement plan relevant will help to bring in more qualified leads for your sales team as well as reinforcing the right brand messages and themes.

Engagement comes in many forms so you can be as creative as you like. It’s not just about putting your company video on a big screen; it’s about involving visitors using games, surveys, research or polls, or perhaps showing your products and services in new and interesting ways, such as the use of augmented reality. Or you could bend a mixture of old school and new school, using traditional on-stand games with digital gamification. Check out what we did at Marketing Week live 2013 with our fishing theme.

At Confex this year we asked visitors to take place in a survey/game in one! We asked them what their key exhibiting drivers were and were able to use the data in a post show infographic. Then once they had given us their answers they played a fun game against the clock where they had to capture the reasons they had cited (represented as icons).

Players were entered into a prize draw to win one of three pairs of Diesel VEKTR headphones worth over L250. This provided the perfect opportunity for qualifying a lead and time for our sales team to talk to visitors about their exhibiting requirements. Learn more about what we did at Confex 2013

3. Driven by design

Walking past your exhibition stand, visitors will only take a few seconds before they make a decision about whether they want to talk to you. They’ll look for who you are, what you do and reasons why they should come on your stand. Their time is precious as they’re here to get round the whole hall in a limited amount of time.

Great stand design is about both aesthetics and functionality. It shouldn’t just win first prize in a beauty pageant, it also needs to deliver and there are several variables. Yes it needs to look stunning and it needs to ‘stand out’ from the others but it also needs to be functional and deliver ergonomically. Is everything placed in the best possible way to encourage people to enter the stand, does it flow, is it right for the number of stand staff you have, are the displays correct. It needs to be clear to the visitor what you’re about, combining your brand values with your theme, messaging, and engagement techniques, in the space available, to create a stand that both works for your both exhibitor and visitor. A lot to think about!

This year at Marketing Week Live, we have an amazing 42sqm island exhibition stand space at B180. Our stand design uses on-trend sharp angles that will stand out from the crowd and demonstrate as part of our range of hired architecture that hire means unique, bespoke design, tailored to your brand, and not a second hand stand. With dedicated areas of interaction and showcases we’re sure to engage with visitors.

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