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Engagement gets Phygital!

January 7, 2016 |



adjective: the blend of physical activity with digital interaction

phygital engagementIn 2016 we believe that ‘phygital’ will be the next buzz word. We’re seeing that traditional touchscreen, keyboard or mouse interactions are continuing to give way to more interesting alternatives; the blending of physical movement with digital interaction.

While digital content has a part to play in conveying messages at any event or exhibition, we must remember that events have to deliver interesting content that goes above and beyond that which can be consumed online. Otherwise, why would visitors attend?

Now with our full in-house digital content team to complement our AV hire services, we are on a mission to unlock exciting new forms of visitor interaction. We recently used our Christmas party to test one such idea on our whole team. We created an exciting phygital game, cheekily named “Grab Your Baubles”.


The game invited two players to compete against each other in a bauble dash. The aim was to find six Christmas baubles, which were dangling on two Christmas trees a few steps away from the screen, in the fastest time. They had to match the randomly generated face of one of their 100+ colleagues on the digital screen with that on a bauble.  Each time a bauble was successfully retrieved the player slammed the ‘game show’ style button to reveal the next colleague to find.  A crowd quickly gathered as people dashed up and down the floor trying to beat their colleagues and returned to check the leader board.


While a fun competition for our Christmas party, it was a great test of our new development and kit. It was very apparent that this game, or parts of it, could easily be adapted for our clients.

The basic idea of image matching and retrieval could be applied to images or icons relating to a market, industry, service or product and would work well on most exhibition stands. Not only would it draw in an engaged audience, but would drive home a relevant message too. For example, if your proposition is about speed, helping people find answers or to retain information, this game has huge potential on your exhibition stand.

Our digital team openly discuss options to re-purpose existing engagement tools as well as creating new ones, making digital and even phygital engagement solutions affordable for all exhibiting budgets.

For existing, adaptable examples of our digital engagement services; games, quizzes, data capture, digital landscapes and much more, please click here. Or why not experience first-hand the Nimlok showroom packed full of examples and ideas to inspire your next event. Please click here for further information.

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