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Incentivising Your Team at Exhibitions

August 6, 2015 |

It’s going to be a long day ahead. Time, planning and investment have been ploughed into this event and one of the key drivers behind the day becoming a success are your staff; that they stay motivated, efficient and can, therefore, generate sales and leads. Remember your staff are going to be thinking the same thing, ‘it’s going to be a long day ahead,’ so you really need to incentivise your team and get them excited and enthused to go out there, sell and create leads. Here are some ideas to help you get your team fired up to create that successful event.


Prepping your team

Make sure to provide an upbeat, enthused environment from the minute your team arrive on the stand. Follow this with a strongly focused speech during your morning meeting, mentioning any incentives you’re running and making it as appealing as possible. This can really stimulate some healthy competition within your team. Clearly explain your objectives of the day – is it generating more leads, creating brand awareness or direct selling? It’s also a good idea to make them aware of how much the event is costing and the expected returns.

Plan for a successful team

A successful event needs successful planning. If the exhibition requires travel and accommodation, this planned well could provide a great incentivising tool. A nice place to stay and a substantial breakfast can fuel your team for a busy day. Well-planned scheduled breaks can provide your team with the energy they need to re-charge their batteries and really spur them on.


Everyone loves to win something and your team members will be no different. Having a competition for most sales and leads is always a great way to fulfil your main objective. Consider using a sales board with a prize, with a picture of the prize at the top of the board, to keep your team focused on the incentive. You may also consider smaller prizes for winning traits like ‘most cheery’, ‘best sales line’ and so on. Also, why not consider various spot prizes throughout the day to keep your team interested and on the ball.



Vouchers or cash (after all, money talks) are always a safe bet which will appeal to all. Generally the more unique the prize the harder people will work for it. Holidays are always an exciting prize and don’t have to be too costly, especially when opting for packages like UK short breaks. Another option could be something from your product range, which will offer something interesting and provides a simple cheap choice.

Free Incentives

If you have a back area or just a spot out away from the crowd, give your team a relaxing space; bean bags are always comfy and easy to transport. Offer the opportunity for your team to take a break, explore the exhibition and see what the event has to offer. For instance, encourage them to attend seminars that may well enhance their knowledge on a particular subject. This can enable them a better understanding of the competition whilst providing a nice perk and gives a great opportunity to give out flyers!

If you’ve had a good show, why not take your staff out for dinner to say thank you, and celebrate a little. It’s nice to share your success with the people who have made it happen.Your staff can make that big difference in meeting your exhibiting objectives. An incentivised team can create lasting memories of your company above your competitor, make your brand stand out in a hall and create those important leads and sales. Keep them incentivised with the above tips and your next exhibition could be a winning success!

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