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Is a modular exhibition stand right for me?

October 10, 2014 |

When you’re looking for an exhibition stand contractor, it’s likely that you’ll already have booked your floor space, know your budget, aims and objectives and maybe even have an inkling of what you want your stand to look like.

It’d be fair to say that your basic need would be for a great looking stand that will wow your audience and that ticks all of your marketing boxes.

However whilst the wow factor is paramount, you also need to make sure you receive a stand that ‘works’ for you. Of course what works for one, does not necessarily work for another because individual objectives, exhibiting schedules and other variables come into play. However exhibiting is not just a beauty parade for your brand; there is plenty of science behind exhibiting.


Nimlok exhibiting at Conference Expo 2014No matter how you procure your exhibition stand it’s important to have a stand that works ergonomically. This means having one that is designed in a way that makes it fully functional for your needs. How does your stand need to flow? Does your stand work with your location in the hall? Maybe you need to consider where competitors are placed when designing it? Does it work according to the number of open sides? Designing for an island stand is very different to a peninsular or corner space. Does it make it easy for visitors to enter; is it welcoming, does it show off your content to best effect? Can it handle multiple visitors in one particular area? Do you require a hospitality area? Do you require a seminar area? The types of meetings you’re planning on stand will determine if you require furniture, and then what type of furniture, and then is it paced in a quiet area where you can hear, etc, etc! Do you require different zones? How does the ‘back’ of the stand appear from the aisle? How do the sides look? Have you got the right size screens for content and are they positioned correctly? Have you got sufficient storage?

Get my drift? The questions are endless and that’s what ergonomics is, thinking about each stand in an individual way that delivers the right design for the particular objectives of the exhibitor. Make sure it works for you!

The benefits of modularity

As the elements on stand can be reconfigured on a regular basis, choosing a modular exhibition stand often means a more cost effective exhibiting solution – especially if you have different stand spaces and audience to consider.

Unless you’re set on having a wooden pirate ship or golden princess castle on your stand, having an idea and some creativity around what you want your stand to look like doesn’t rule out the possibility of using this flexible and often more cost-effective solution, which in the industry is known as ‘custom modular exhibition stand’.

Don’t lose custom design

Exhibitions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but it’s not always relevant to book the same space at all of your events, and you may not want to. It all depends on the show itself, the venue, your schedule and your budget. Instead of starting from scratch with a new display each time as you would with a truly custom fabrication, using modular elements allow your stand to adapt to changing spaces with the addition or subtraction of architecture. They also allow for alterations as your business grows – as your business gets bigger so could your stand without it looking like a bolt-on or after thought. It’s really easy to reconfigure and make the stand look as if it were only ever made for that particular space!

Creativity is the spice of life in the exhibition industry and from providing different architecture solutions of various shapes of rounded, corners and sharp angles, there’s sure to be a shape and style to suit your brand like a glove and deliver a truly unique design to represent you brand and yours only!

Purchase or hire?

Hiring a stand does not mean hiring someone else’s old stand. Nor does it mean being limited to a ‘pick one of 3 options’ type process. Make sure your supplier has a wide inventory of styles and shapes that will make your design completely bespoke and unique. Things like hanging banners, counters, kiosks and special lighting effects can all be hired, giving it the real wow factor.

Hiring custom modular exhibition stands is a great option if you’re new to exhibiting and want to test the water, or you don’t exhibit frequently, don’t have a set schedule for the next year, or adversely, have multiple shows in quick succession where you’d be worrying about how to transport it from A to B in time and possibly to different countries.

Purchasing a stand is great if you are committed to exhibiting say at least 3 times a year, mainly with the same size space. This means you can sweat your asset and maximise its use, knowing your stand is stored safely until it’s time to come out again. If you have this type of regular schedule and know you won’t need to change the stand for a period of a year or more, then purchasing is probably the best choice.

Or you may have a stand that you’ve purchased but may wish to hire some extra elements for a show where you have a larger footprint. Using and reusing modular elements on your stand is flexible, saves money and is also more environmentally friendly by reducing waste (without compromising on style or quality!) For more information about hire, download our free guide.