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New exhibition stands that energise us

September 19, 2014 |

We all need energy. From that first cup of tea in the morning to motivate us through the day, to the more physical energy that allows us to drive to work, switch on our computers and vitally, put the kettle on for another cup of tea.

We have recently worked with two clients, both of whom are providers of energy – one the English Tea Shop and the other being Expro, who keeps oil and gas wells flowing smoothly.

Although together these two companies may seem like chalk and cheese, both wanted to achieve a great presence at their exhibitions that reflected their brand’s experience and innovation and chose Nimlok to help create stunning designs for their 6x5m exhibition stands.

Here are a few of our favourite elements, which show how space and design can be used in the same stand size for two completely different effects.

English Tea Shop

The English Tea Shop exhibited at the Fine Food Fair at London Olympia in September 2014, and they will also re-use the stand at an upcoming show in Paris.

Home from home

English Tea Shop exhibition stand design by NimlokWith the UK being the fifth largest tea drinking nation on the planet, it’s not surprising to know that us Brits like a decent cup of tea.

The stand reflects an old fashioned tea shop and is very welcoming and homely, think ‘living room’ appeal, with the use of window frame effect insets and colourful wallpaper.

As well as providing a welcoming environment, visitors were instantly aware of the brand due to careful placement of their logo in high visibility areas. Note the logo at the top of the square architecture for maximum brand reach across the hall.

Picture perfect

English Tea Shop using picture frame effect on exhibition stand walls to display productsThe 3D antique effect picture frames look very ‘at home’ on the back wall, perfectly framing their product range. These protrude to resemble real photo frames, reasserting the home/ tea shop feel of this stand. Down lights were used in each inset to draw attention to their brightly coloured selection of speciality teas, gift packs, boxes and tins. Displaying their products in this way to create a stunning feature wall was a great use of space.

Hanging teapots

English Tea Shop hanging stencil teapotsOne of the quirkiest elements to this stand is the cut out teapots, created using our in-house laser-cutter to create a high quality finish.

The green teapots formed hanging structures from the wood-effect archway that gently spun in the breeze to create movement and draw attention.

The stencil teapots in the structure allow light to pass through the columns of the structure to provide an additional visual element that also instantly tells visitors at a glance what they do!


Expro meeting space on exhibition stand with hanging lightsExpro exhibited at ONS Norway- Stavanger, with a corner stand in August.

Helping to strike liquid gold is all in a day’s work for Expro and that’s exactly what they were looking to achieve at ONS Norway with their stand space – although without the subsea drilling!

It was important for Expro to have a designated meeting space on their stand, but also to maintain an open and inviting environment. To achieve this they used one wall as their meeting space. This area was made to feel more private by arching it with our sleek curve shaped architecture, with edges that were customised with their corporate blue to match the colour palette and frame the stand design.

This overarching structure gave the illusion of privacy to have important conversations while actually keeping the stand space open and inviting. We suspended contemporary hanging lighting above the meeting space which also gave the area a modern feel – hopefully a few visitors had their own ‘light bulb moment’ in this space with Expro!

Feature window

Expro feature window on exhibition stand at ONS NorwayAs the stand space opened onto an aisle, it was important that the architecture housing the intimate space for meetings did not make the stand look less welcoming to visitors from this angle.

To open up this side, we created a large circular porthole window into the architecture to allow light and visitors to see through it, without compromising the meeting space. The feature window encompassed their logo in frosted finish, blending creative design, ergonomics and brand presence. This gave a great extra dimension to the stand, drawing you eye to it and adding a finishing touch.

Hanging structures

Expro exhibition stand at ONS Norway, hanging fabric structureONS Norway is a huge exhibition with over 1,300 exhibitors and a footfall of over 90,000 visitors, so it was important for Expro to be seen from far and wide within the exhibition hall.

Expro utilised the full height of the space they had available with the use of a cylindrical hanging fabric structure with their company name and logo for extra visibility – which is really important considering the footfall – always think tall in the hall!