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New Year’s resolutions for exhibition marketers

January 15, 2015 | Kelly Edwards

Happy New Year written on scrabble tiles on white backgroundAfter the indulgences of Christmas and New Year celebrations, many people look to the New Year and make a pledge to themselves to be fitter, to book a holiday to an exotic location or to take the next step in their career.

As we’re all thinking of how we can get more out of life in 2015, we want to give you our top 3 resolutions that can help you with your event marketing strategies this year to reach your goals!

1. Stick to your budget

With credit cards maxed out for Christmas, January is often the time that people make resolutions to manage their budgets better.

For event marketers, this means making sure that you have a clear budget in place for your next exhibition. Although it can be tempting to add last minute exciting singing and dancing elements to your stand after your budget has been agreed, if it’s not going to have a dramatic impact on your ROI, then maybe shelf your exciting idea for a future exhibition.

2. Get digitally engaged

Digital engagement is a hot trend for exhibitors and may make your business look “so 2014 ” if your stand doesn’t include a digital element. But, there is an important balance to be struck to make sure your content is relevant to your stand theme, aids your exhibiting objectives and will provide insightful information to create a moment of value for your visitor. Doing this will help to make sure your visitor experience is memorable and could leave your brand as a highlight for the day after seeing many exhibitors.

Choose an integrated media centre to stream videos, showcase your portfolios, case studies and digital literature to gain trust from visitors and make light work of lead taking. Using media centres also allows you to keep all of this great information in one place without the loose paper! Screens can also be used for digital games to entice people on-stand with a bit of fun (with the chance of winning prizes).

All of these elements when used in combination with your stand objectives can provide your on-stand staff with the tools they need to convert your visitors into those all-important leads.

3. Be organised

Exhibiting success is all about being organised and not leaving planning till the last minute. Like planning a wedding, there are many elements to an exhibition that need to be thought of in advance to make sure that everything goes to plan.

This means starting to think about your next exhibition plan months before the event and having a clear strategy for when you need to contact your exhibition supplier to talk about designs, when you need to think about your campaign theme and when you need to brief your stand staff – to name but three things!

If, in 2015, you stick to your pre-planned deadlines, budget and add exciting digital engagement elements to compliment your stand objectives, then you’re sure to have a fantastic and successful year.

Photo credit: Sally Mahoney on New Year on Flickr (CC2.0) Image cropped.