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Beauty or the Beast- how was Olympia Beauty?

October 8, 2015 |

When showcasing your brand at an event, the run up to the day is always go go go!

Olympia Beauty is always an all hands on deck event, whether that be with a manicure, wax, makeover- with every beauty treatment you could think of under one roof, two pairs of hands is never enough.

As we mentioned in our previous Olympia Beauty post, your exhibition stand should be the one that does all the talking, from your choice of lighting to graphics – how did you make people stop and stand within your area of the exhibition space?

We created a Q & A with Biotec Italia to get their round up of the event and how it was for them.

Biotec Italia is a company involved in the beauty industry since 1993.

Biotec Italia uses aesthetic innovations to make people feel better in their own skin. Medical and aesthetic clinics are used to treat skin blemishes, photo-damage, acne, sun damage, tattoo removal, fine lines and wrinkles and many more procedures available on request.


Q. As a business, why do you think it is important to take part in exhibitions?

A. Exhibitions are always a great showcase for advertising, especially for the aesthetic field in which our company operates.

Q. What was your favourite aspect of the day?

A. Our favourite aspect of the show was the large turnout of visitors and interaction with them.

Q. Were they any stands that stood out to you and if so why?

A. Honestly, none. That does not mean they were noticeable! Furthermore, we have been so busy we did not have enough time to have “spy activity “

Q. Would you do anything differently next time?

A. Next time we will try to register earlier at the event in order to book a better stand position.

Q.Would you exhibit at the show again?

A. Yes, for sure we will take part again in the Olympia Beauty show next year.


It was interesting to hear that Biotec Italia didn’t see any stands that stood out to them, but this was mainly due to the fact how busy they were, which is ultimately the aim of the event.

From looking at the image supplied to us by Biotec Italia we can see why their stand did so well.


Biotec Italia showcased the following successful elements on their stand:

  • Live treatments being performed which led interest from other visitors passing by
  • Clear branding using graphics and imagery to create context and raise awareness to their brand
  • Good use of lighting to highlight the stand interior
  • Well-staffed which enabled the brand to provide visitors to expand their knowledge of their services
  • Video– the brand showcased demonstrations of their treatments playing on a screen set up within their stand

All the vital points listed above, contributed to a successful event for the company. The only change that Biotec Italia would possiblly make would be to move into a more prominent position on the show floor next year.

We would love to hear how Olympia Beauty was for you this year, was it a beauty or a beast?

If you found that you were fronting with the beast this year then check out our exhibition services for next year to ensure your stand is the Belle of the ball.

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