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Exhibition Stand Excellence from Nimlok Headquarters UK

November 11, 2007 |

Nimlok increase awareness with their newly revitalised exhibition stand excellence training course.

Paddy Power, Training Manager for Nimlok Limited, has taken exhibition stand training to a new level. Nimlok have offered training as part of their service for over 15 years now. The training used to be centred on the 4 P’s; Planning, Promotion, People and Productivity, and whilst the training still incorporates this, it is now more focused on the whole topic of exhibition stand excellence.

The training covers pre-show, at-show and post-show marketing, how to decide on what show to attend, what stand size to choose, budgeting, stand staff choice, best use of giveaways, choosing the right contractor – everything from A-B in the making of a quality exhibition stand and attending an exhibition that delivers results.

Paddy has over 19 years experience in the exhibition industry and is a fully qualified trainer. Paddy recently held a training session at Lifescan. William King, Sales Force Development Manager for Lifescan in Europe, Middle East and Africa, commented;

“We have used Nimlok for numerous conferences over the past few years and have been very pleased with their professionalism, attention to detail and client responsiveness. We have used Paddy during our trainings with a great amount of success, he was specifically able to help us with two of our pre-show objectives: Maximising the impact of our conversations with new/potential customers and to represent our company with the highest amount of professionalism and differentiate ourselves from other vendors. Paddy has a wealth of show experience and can speak intelligently about what people can expect to find at a show and provide practical insights into coming events. He has a tremendous amount of creditability because of his experience and his presentation, without fail, sparks high energy to those who hear it and it is consistently rated as ‘very valuable’ in our pre-show training survey.

In summary, I can recommend Paddy and Nimlok in very high regard. His presentation is very useful and I have relied on him quite a bit during our very important events over the years. I can honestly say that if you attend one of his training sessions, your group will find it useful and will find value way beyond a single show “.

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