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Hire your exhibiting expectations

February 22, 2013 |

The number of exhibitors hiring exhibition stands has doubled as more organisations seek to be cost-effective and carbon-friendly, according to global exhibition solutions provider Nimlok.

The Northamptonshire-based exhibition stand expert delivers more than 350 stands per year and has seen the percentage of hire products increase by 100 per cent since 2009 with more people looking to hire exhibition stands rather than buy a new stand for events.

Nimlok calculates that around 80 per cent of a stand can be re-used and revamped, with just the ‘skin’ being redesigned and branded for the customer and event. Every time a stand is hired, as opposed to a new product produced from scratch, around 350KG of carbon is saved. Nimlok has built a new target into its energy management policy, pledging that by the end of 2013, 50 per cent of its stands will involve significant hire elements. Nimlok was the first in its sector to register for ISO 14001 and has previously been named in the top 20 Green Companies by the Sunday Times.

James Rook, managing director said: “The economy is impacting on how people execute their marketing and events and coupled with this people are taking a far more eco and technology-savvy approach to how they interact with people.

“We have reacted to changes in the market and the changing needs of our customers by developing a more sophisticated and flexible hire product. Quicker brand evolution, short-termism and an economic climate which limits heavy asset investment decisions mean that hire is one of our biggest growth areas.

“The service enables people to test the water, change their exhibition offer for different audiences and – for those organising shows in multiple locations, in quick succession – ensures they can run multiple stands at the same time without time pressures and logistical problems.

“Second-hand doesn’t mean second best, and we would challenge any visitor to spot the difference in our showroom between a new stand, and one which has been re-hired more than ten times over. ”

Alex Glover, marketing manager at City &Guilds, said: “We have moved to a hire product as we know from experience it offers us quality and flexibility without longer term investment of purchasing. We eliminate the cost and hassle of storage and we can tweak our branding messages each time we exhibit, something we couldn’t do as easily otherwise.

“Our latest stand was well received and looked slick and polished. It was a truly exceptional example of a well designed product and the fact that we could hire such a custom design was fantastic.”

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