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Modular exhibition stand system saves the day!

October 4, 2007 |

It’s every exhibitor’s nightmare. You plan your exhibition, develop your stand with the supplier and then arrange delivery to the venue in Paris …

When it doesn’t arrive you call the shipper …. “I’m sorry it appears your crates have been impounded by Customs …. ”

This is just what happened to one of Nimlok’s clients last weekend. Fortunately our client had the 24 hour contact number we provide and a panic call to us initiated an emergency response team into action.

As the exhibition stand solution was designed using our unique custom modular system, a replica stand was constructed, all the graphics reprinted and a van dispatched with a fitting team within 48 hours.

The show opened with the client exhibiting from “their ” stand as if nothing happened- except that their stand was in a warehouse “somewhere in France “!

Something to consider …..what if the exhibition stand in question was a custom built model and this scenario happened? No stand at the exhibition and very red faces all around! Using a Nimlok solution has many benefits besides it capability to be duplicated. Being re-useable makes sound environmental sense and is a far better long term return on investment.

Nimlok = Flexible exhibition stand equipment, flexible staff and a commitment to really put our clients first, every time.

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