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The big six: Key drivers for exhibiting infographic

April 10, 2014 |

We asked visitors and exhibitors at International Confex 2014 what’s important to them when they exhibit.

We found that the most common drivers were the same for both visitors and exhibitors alike, although almost twice as many exhibitors deemed sales as the key driver. Here’s an overview of our main findings and our infographic in full:

Exhibiting-angle-Nimlok-Infographic1. Sales

The key driver for both exhibitors and visitors is sales and lead generation. Visitors to Confex said that 25% of their exhibiting strategy aimed to generate leads and sales. This was more prominent for exhibitors at Confex with nearly half of their strategy focused on sales.

ROI from exhibiting is key and so you would expect to see sales and lead generation as an important driver.

With many marketing mediums on offer these days, exhibiting needs to prove it can contribute to the bottom line and so the leads generated need to be relevant. Digital engagement is proven to deliver improved ROI through more intelligent data capture, which increases the number of leads and makes for a better exhibitor-visitor dialogue on-stand, meaning more information can be gleaned up front.

2. Relationships

Both exhibitors and visitors said that relationships were the second most important exhibiting driver. Visitors said that relationships were equally important to their strategy as sales, whereas exhibitors said it accounted for 18% of their strategy versus 48% apportioned to sales.

Face to Face is often the best form of marketing as it gives a real opportunity to interact and create new relationships. They are also a great way of building existing relationships. Some exhibitors choose to add quiet areas to their stand, such as meeting rooms, specifically designed to help build relationships. Others choose engagement tools or gamification to make for a more memorable experience and make the visitor want to spend more time on your stand. Exhibitions should certainly make people remember you, for the right reasons!

3. Brand

Brand awareness was the third most popular reason to exhibit with visitors attributing 22% of their strategy and exhibitors attributing 15% to it.

Building brand awareness should always be an important step in an exhibiting strategy. From the Buyersphere Report 2013, buyers said that the strongest attribute of a winning supplier was to brand awareness before the buying process began. This suggests that it’s increasingly important to raise awareness of your business to potential clients before their buying decision has even started.

We don’t treat everyone the same though…

Whilst we have consolidated these trends, we’re well aware that every business is different. Although most businesses will place importance on generating sales, each exhibitor’s strategy will be as unique as a fingerprint.

That’s why at Nimlok, we listen to our customers to find out their specific objectives. We’ll often challenge the brief and come up with other ways of doing things, ways that you may not be aware of and that can benfit you even more than you thought.

Why not put us to the test? If you have an event on the radar come and talk to us about your objectives. Call us on 0808 231 7285 or visit us.