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When to buy, when to hire an exhibition stand

January 21, 2014 |

Hiring an exhibition stand is becoming increasingly popular but what are the differences between buying and hiring and which should you choose for your business to increase ROI from events?

When to Hire an Exhibition Stand

Hiring an exhibition stand is an option often chosen by businesses that don’t exhibit often enough to own an expensive asset, or that don’t want to commit to a big upfront investment.

It offers a more cost-effective solution for those with less frequent or inconsistent activity. Delivering the same creativity and flexibility of buying a Custom Modular stand, it’s understandable why this option is becoming increasingly popular.

Our winning combination of hired architecture combined with your brand graphics, creates the perfect hired solution to exhibiting.

The proof in the pudding of how good our hired exhibition stands look, is that IDEXX laboratories recently won ‘Best Large Stand’ at the London Vet Show, using this!

When to buy Custom Modular

For exhibitors with multiple events each year, purchasing an exhibition stand offers better long term value than hiring a stand for each individual event. Built to last and reconfigurable for different stand orientations, this option delivers lower redeployment costs than traditional custom alternatives and improved longer term ROI.

The best of both worlds – a hybrid of Hire and Purchase

For exhibitors that exhibit regularly throughout the year with some events overlapping, or for those that have varying stand footprints, mixing purchased Custom Modular elements with hire is an ideal solution.

Hiring in combination with a purchase in this situation would allow the efficient re-use of their stand combined with the flexibility to seamlessly extend using hired architecture for a particular show, and duplicate their stand at overlapping events.

More information

To find out more about which option will deliver improved ROI from your exhibiting strategy, speak to a Nimlok consultant today on 0808 231 7285.

You can also see more information about the benefits hiring an exhibition stand here.

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