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Blum, Inspire

See how Blum brought their brand to life, showcasing the benefits of their products using a phygital game.

Watch the video and see more details on how we helped them to maximise their ROI below.


The brief

International furniture fittings company, Blum, wanted to demonstrate the storage, accessibility and end user benefits of drawers over those of the traditional kitchen cupboard.


Exhibiting at Inspire – an internal event for one of their distributors, Travis Perkins – Nimlok’s brief was to design a stand that easily conveyed the superiority of Blum’s kitchen drawer storage systems to the sales staff of Travis Perkins.


Our response

Our solution was to produce a mock interior of a kitchen using a rear wall graphic aligned with physical cupboard units and Blum’s drawer products.


The focal point of the stand was a bespoke ‘phy-gital’ game. The game was played in pairs, with one person using the Blum drawers and the other the traditional cupboards. Both were challenged to find everyday kitchen items, pitting themselves against each other and the clock.


An overhead screen displaying the countdown clock and leaderboard created a competitive element and added to the spectacle for passers by.


The results

A total of 204 visited the Blum stand with over 50 action-packed game plays each day.


Nimlok’s inspired game generated such energy and surrounding buzz that it became a focal point of the whole event.


The majority of the stand was constructed from Nimlok’s bespoke hire architecture, keeping costs to a minimum. This, combined with the ‘phy-gital’ game that contributed to footfall, proved the benefits of Blum’s drawers and facilitated on-point conversations, enabled Blum to maximise their exhibiting ROI.


Blum were pleased how the game and their stand had engaged the audience, meeting their objective of showcasing the quality and ease of use of their drawer products over traditional alternatives.

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What did they think?


“We are not new to exhibitions and shows, but this concept was something completely different to anything we have done in the past. The reaction to the game was absolutely fantastic and meant the energy levels at our stand were at a constant high. The game was so good that people queued to play and some visited 3-4 times to try to get onto the leader board.

The feedback from Travis Perkins was that our stand was the best – not surprising considering everything from the images used on the stand to the digital showcasing of the game was created to such a high standard! Nimlok pulled engagement and design together to create a memorable stand that we can use again and again, to a quality we proudly put our name on”

David Sanders

Sales and Marketing Director


Size Exhibiting Frequency Show Objectives Location Engagement Used
Small: 0-24sqm 1-3 shows annually Loyalty or retention UK Gamification
Brand awareness Phy-gital
Brand education

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