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Mirada Medical, EANM Barcelona



The brief

Mirada Medical, global medical imaging software brand, exhibited at EANM in Barcelona in October 2016. They wanted to communicate the benefits of their advanced software solutions but present their complicated scientific messages in an engaging mannerAdditionally the Mirada Medical wanted to attract visitors to the on-stand live demonstrations they had scheduled throughout the show. 


Our response

We created a clean stand design with strong branding in corporate colours so that the stand could be easily identified in the exhibition hall.  Two demo stations were incorporated into the stand along with seating creating a comfortable space for on-stand staff and visitors to facilitate meaningful conversations.


To engage visitors, we developed a game using augmented reality technology to communicate Mirada Medical’s unique selling points. Inspired by the brands 3D imaging software, the game required visitors to find the missing parts of the puzzle by scanning the correct part of a graphic using the iPad.


The results

The game generated interest and attracted more visitors on stand, allowing stand staff to interact more easily. 

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Size Exhibiting Frequency Show Objectives Location Engagement Used
Demonstrations Europe Gamification
Brand education Al/virtual/augmented reality

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