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De-Ice – Growth in Brand Presence

I’m Victoria Lopez and I’m the director of De-ice Gritting & Snow Clearance. We are exhibiting at the facilities show 2014 and our main aims are really to raise our brand’s awareness and educate people into the industry and what it means to have a winter gritting and snow clearance specialist taking services on your side.

So we’ve been exhibiting at the facilities show for a number of years, but with the new move to London and the growth of our business, we had to really have a more professional and well built presence at the show. It’s the main event in the FM calendar as far as shows are concerned. What we wanted to do was properly portray our business to exhibitors and visitors and our peers within the industry.

So previously we’d been using pop-up stands, taking shell schemes, penguins stand. We’d been bringing machinery sometimes onto the stand, and at a level it worked quite well for us. But we were recommended to Nimlok by the exhibition organizers, amongst other companies that chose Nimlok to work with on the build of our new stand for 2014.

So the idea is to understand as almost like a dual concept we are a small business, family-run business that’s growing. We wanted to convey that growth. We’re in a specialized industry so we do maintenance, we do products, we’re into services. It’s a very, very niche market. So what we wanted to convey was really the industries here. We wanted to impart some information on the stand without overloading people so they get some benefit and education out in just passing our stand, regardless of whether they want our services or not.

But also a stand that gave the feel of having somewhere you could sit down and meet, somewhere people could just take some information if they wanted to. The concept of actually the design of the stand, really came down to Nimlok. The colours, which also are our corporate colours, and synonymous with winter weather, being blues and whites. It was sort of a given.
So Nimlok really listened to us, listened, learned about what our business does, and came up with a concept for the space that we’d actually booked in the show. So my favourite features, or some of my favourite features, is there are a few of the stand, have to include the counters. The wavy empty air which almost looks like snow piling up, highlighted with blue down lighters, give a really, really good effect. They really are catching. We had some really great comments about it.

Commissioned some animation to go in the front and rear of the stand, which again was to the point it was eye catching. It conveyed the messages in a clear, sharp manor. That allowed people not to have to stand there not too long to pick out the bits that were relevant to them and to be able to take them on board more quickly. The big part of it for us and what we didn’t realize until actually we went down for the pre-build, it just added so much value to what was already a great service.