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EMS – Beach Themed Exhibition Stand

Ray Puttock, EMS Radio foreign Security Systems and we’re here today to really talk about what we do. We wanted to be at this exhibition because it’s the first time in London and we needed to make a big impact this year. What we wanted to do was something different and get people to notice us and obviously it’s a brand build for us at these exhibitions. We had the idea of the beach, the really really key thing is what we do as a company which is wired fire systems. Now, if you go to a beach hut there’s no way in the world you could actually get a wired system onto a location like this.

The other thing is about some of our new technology which is remote from your customers. Wouldn’t it be great if you’re sitting here on holiday or on business; a problem happens, pull your laptop out, connect remotely and do what’s necessary to alleviate your customers problems. It’s nice and easy. How do we put that into a working stand because a beach hut in itself is not going to support this technology. We had to make it into a stand so it had to be duel purpose but at the same time it also had to be a working stand. We have worked with Nimlok for many years and we’ve had fairly traditional stands in the past. When I first went to them with this idea, I think they were quite excited because it gave them something to get their teeth into and it really gave us a great platform because it meant that they probably put their best designers on this project because they’re really really keen on doing something different.

One of the really biggest challenges is working with someone who’s got a good idea because you can be very focused on it. I think Sian and the team were great at bringing us back to reality because having sand on a stand, which was our initial idea, and even ideas around water and fish underneath, was just not going to work. We used the experience of their professional team, who do this all the time, to bring us back to reality.

So where sand would have been great, thinking about it afterwards, sand trailing around the exhibition hall, people taking shoes and socks off because they’ve got sand in their shoes, not a great idea. We had to build the hut in a particular way so we didn’t get straw everywhere. They were the things that if you like the input from the side of the professionals in business helped us out a lot. So we were able to get to where we wanted to go but were guided by people that understood a stand build. So we brought to the table the idea and they made it if you like a reality by helping us get there and it was things like our sign post we wanted to put our customers up on the sign.

We wanted to put signs up, but wondered how we could do it? They came up with a very simple solution which took five minutes. We scratched our heads for over a week over this problem but had really good conversations with our project manager, who would advise us on all sorts of technical issues. It was good fun and probably one of the best years we’ve had in actually building our stand so all the stress was gone. They were fast and it was an easy build all the way from start to finish.

We wanted to put graphics on the back wall and there ware options to have them made from a solid material. We went for a fabric in the end as that’s what Nimlok advised us to do. It’s easier to put together, it’s easier to keep clean, and the lighting works better. Again these are the sort of things that an expert stand builder like Nimlok would understand. We’ve used some really good multimedia concepts as well, so again it has that technology feel to it. I think that expertise is so important to make sure you get to where you want to get to on budget and on time. I would certainly recommend Nimlok as a company not just because they’re good at what they do, but because they are actually really helpful. I would say that talking to Nimlok at all levels is… nothing but helpful. So from the very initial stages of design work, the project work, putting your ideas on paper, right the way through to the guys here on the stand on the day, you know you’re in safe hands. I’m very pleased with the result.