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Euroworkspace – Confident through Attention to Detail

My name is Adrian Cowley. I’m the managing director from Euroworkspace. We specialize in hot desking, agile working storage solutions. This is our second year of doing this FM Show.

Last year was our first attempt, which was a good attempt in terms of the DIY exhibitions because we did it all ourselves. Which ended up in the result that we won the “Best Stand Award” for the show’s theme. So the challenge this year was actually how can we take that to the next stage, and hopefully win another award.

So looking at last year, we had a really good response to the stand, and really how we could interact with the clients and the people that were visiting the stand. This year we wanted to raise our game and make it more interactive and introduce more products and new ideas. There are new concepts in how our product is actually being worked in the marketplace. Part of that was looking then for the right partner. Someone that could a understand where we’re going as a business, and the ideas, and the concepts etc., and interpret that into a stand which is where we are today.

We were contacted by one of our sales guys, Stefan. He was quite personal. He just listened to where we are, tried to really kind of understand what we’re about, and spent time understanding where we are as Euroworkspace but where we want to go to. But also the clientele and the people that we are actually working with. We had our first meeting. We were also looking at other exhibition contractors at the same time. Very interesting that all had a similar brief, for want of a better term, but what I would say is Nimlok interpreted that brief perfectly. They understood where we were, what we’re trying to do.

Actually the design and the concept we see here today is exactly what we had in mind. We did this with very little change. What we found with the process is when Stefan came to see us for the second visit, he presented basically, what we call mood boards, which actually showed us the ideas and the concepts that they came up with. On those mood boards, which were again presented in a much better format, we could visually see what we were going to get for the investment. I do think that one of the advantages of Nimlok is that they do understand what we’re trying to achieve.

I was very pleased with the fact that they listened, they learned, and they executed the plan. It’s just the attention to detail, and it’s the fact that you want to be confident, and from our point of view they gave us the confidence.