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Firetec Systems Ltd – Limited Budget, Hired Modular Exhibition Stand

My name is David Atkins and I’m the director of FSL which is the Firetec Systems Limited. This is our first birthday so we launched 1 year ago. The reason we are at the show is very simple, we need to be out there letting the world know about the FSL brand.

Nimlok found us, we didn’t find Nimlok. It was a cold call. We talked about the new company and being around 1 year, limited budget, limited opportunities to really extend that budget. We really need to be tight on our costs, we had a budget and we weren’t going to rest until we found a solution. We chose Nimlok because they sat down with us, talked about our budget and it was very clear we had 2 options that we could have chosen. We could have bought a stand, we could have used in the future but, again in our infancy we didn’t do a lot of exhibitions, and the fire industry doesn’t have a lot of exhibitions so a good solution for us was to use their hire service.

So they listened to what we needed, what image we wanted to portray, so we want to look young and fresh and clean and they said, well we have a new modular system that probably suits what you’re doing. That means that we build the stand for you, you take it away and we reuse a lot of it. I believe that the structure can adapt to use on other stands so that helps with the costs. It kept the costs competitive for us and in one year we’ve established ourselves. Nimlok has helped us to do that without any question. I’m not sure we would’ve achieved that without them. It’s been a really useful telephone call out of the blue.

We would definitely be interested in working with Nimlok again in the future. Yes, the best thing I liked about it is the fact they can structure it in such a way that if we wanted a bigger space or smaller space I can add to this and they make it for us. If you look at the way the stand is being positioned it enables passing traffic to be able to walk on the stand easily. And strategically placed are our core products.

Nimlok has provided a solution for us, so whether that was the carpeting, or the furniture, the way that the graphics are positioned and the way the products are positioned. If you look at it, we have some electronics so we made sure they could be hung on the wall safely, so behind there, they strengthened it so that it was a few screws to hold that in place, so they took away the whole problem for us. They built the stand, they did the lighting, it was a great solution. It made life very easy for us. Now if you look in the centre there we have the TV screen. It produces a focal point. We have a rolling presentation about FSL so we can stand there and take customers through every part of our business. So, I think what Nimlok did, as I said earlier, they listened to what we needed and provided the total solution. They rented me from the chairs we are sitting right now, the TV, the carpet, they sorted out the contractors very easy.