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MPI – Evolving a Brand Over Time

At MPI Offshore we are the leader of offshore installation of shore wind. Whether it be foundation, whether it be the turbines themselves, whether it be the full contract of the complete project management or the engineering, the installation, and the phone RM support with Trubose as well. So, Offshore Wind is very much an important exhibition for Steber. We clearly need to be seen here. And as you see the stand is a double height stand, it gives us a wonderful view across everyone else. Nimlok has been with us for five or six years now and they have been very much a part of the growth of both the companies marketing presence at these exhibitions and where we’re going as well. So, that’s worked out to be a great relationship.

We’ve managed to take the stand…the walls, I guess probably five meters by five meters. We expanded it. We’re now double height like I said. We extend out with Alcatraz and dioramas and photographs and imagery. Items like here today we’re now an island stand rather than just a back wall. We’ve moved and changed the design of the stand and we can change it back and forth. Nimlok had been very much involved with that from the structural perspective and the marketing perspective.

We’re talking with Nimlok about how we can integrate the new models. I want the cranes up, I want them working. I want them showing turbines in the air. Foundations moving and all these kind of things. So, that’s part of where we’re going and Nimlok will be part of that journey with us. They’ve helped us morph and change these ideas and presentations of the company. So it’s worked out well. If I was to pick three words to try and describe the team at Nimlok and how they’ve helped us over the years I’d say first and foremost we always have fun. Secondly they’re very flexible and I guess thirdly they’re innovative. So, we’ve managed to combine all those ideas. And different things might win sometimes but we end up getting there in the end all the time. And so we have great fun trying to do it with them. It’s a good customer relationship team. They deliver on time. It’s good. To be honest with you, we now have the trust level that it gets packed up, it gets sent, it’s there.