Offshore Marine Management Testimonial for Nimlok Ltd

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Offshore Marine Management

Hi, my name is Neil Prowse. I work for Offshore Marine Management, UK sales manager. The reason we’re here today is we’d been in the business supporting UK renewables for over 10 years now. Many of our clients are here, our competitors are here, our suppliers are here. So this is a great opportunity just to spend time meeting them face to face, see some old friends, makes some new ones.

Well, we’ve been working with Nimlok for a number of years and a number of exhibitions now. We find it quite flexible in terms of if there are short deadlines, last minute changes. It’s easiest for us to go to Nimlok and just get the response that we need for whichever exhibition is wherever in the world. We’re running two shows in quick succession, the one here and then Windforce in Germany next week.

The one in Windforce we’ve actually hired the equipment, which gave us a little more flexibility, so we’re not in such a rush to try to make one stand fit both locations. Nimlok has helped us with that, so at the moment we’re very happy with their services. Three words to describe Nimlok, responsive, flexible, and they can react quickly to us.