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TOA – Hired Exhibition Stand Architecture for Flexibility with Style

Hello, my name is Sag Patel. I’m with the Marketing department of TOA Corporation. We provide audio equipment around the world and today we’re at FarEx and we want to gain leads and invite them to the stand and really just have a good day and have fun with it really. The need for our stand was to open up the space, really make it less product heavy than we had previously, have a central point where we can really get a lot of people coming on to the stand, speaking to our staff and the Nimlok guys were great.

They helped us with the design. They really understood what we wanted and then from the initial meeting they came out and gave us sketches of the design. We tweaked it here and there but after that there weren’t too many changes. So they really knew what they wanted to do with our stand and they had a good idea of our needs and how they could relate to it as well. Prior to the show, I had a chance to see the stand built, which is a great, great benefit for me as we got a week or two to really iron out the cracks. So that’s a massive benefit for us and also for Nimlok from a project management point of view.

We pick and choose what parts of the stand we want to rent. There’s elements of the stand where we keep for ourselves. The benefits of renting for us is that we have flexibility of what we’re going to be using and if we need to use it for future exhibitions we can do but it doesn’t tie us in. The favourite part of the stand for me is the graphics. It really stands out with the white backdrop and obviously the fabric. It’s just appealing to everyone walking past.