Display accessories

Accessories for displays

There’s no doubt that the star attractions to exhibition stands are a combination of graphics used with a clever layout of your displays mixed with the engagement techniques you use to leave people with a positive and memorable experience.

But to support the aims of your exhibition stand, it’s likely that you’re going to need an accessory or two.

Support lead capture and iPad engagement

If you’ve opted for a simple iPad for data capture, you’ll most likely want to keep it in a safe place. We have a number of great iPad display stands that can even charge your iPad while on display to make sure that it doesn’t need breaks for charging.

We also have a great selection of branded iPad stands, where you can print your logo or a call to action to help increase engagement further.

Create a queue

Who doesn’t like to feel like a VIP at an event? Adding queue barriers can perform a very important role of keeping people in certain areas as well as away from things they shouldn’t touch.

Grab literature

At an event, your main focus will be to talk to people about the amazing work you do. You won’t want to be tidying a stack of brochures or printed literature. Use a handy leaflet holder and visitors will feel encouraged to take your literature.

As well as classic literature holders, we also have some beautiful alternatives that include graphics, or LCD brackets.

Brand your tables

Last but by no means least is our printed, branded tablecloth. We print your full design into the fabric with any colour to create a machine washable tablecloth with a high quality finish. As your full design is printed into the fabric, the design will not crack, or peel giving you a fantastic looking tablecloth for any event.