VIP post

ONLY £25.00

Our VIP posts are stylish and easy to assemble

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VIP rope

ONLY £10.00

This luxurious velvet rope is available in three colours

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VIP rope barrier

ONLY £60.00

Add a little luxury to your event with this rope barrier

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Queue barriers

Our selection of rope and pole queue barriers are great to use to form orderly queues, to create areas that are not accessible to the public as well as for creating VIP areas.

Rope and pole barriers

Our rope and pole pedestrian guidance systems only take seconds to assemble. With a simple clasp hook fastening, you can create a row of posts to corner off special areas. As a portable solution, these can be easily moved and stored after use, while providing a sturdy and reliable solution when in use.

VIP rope

We have a selection of three colours of rope – Red, Black and Navy Blue. All ropes are 1500mm long and have lobster claw fasteners on either end. Each length of rope needs to be secured to two post units, leaving at least a little bit of slack in the rope to create a slight dropped curve between the posts.

Post barriers

We use two colours of posts for our rope and post systems, Gold and Chrome. All bases have a 350mm diameter and are cylindrical. The post stands at 1000mm high which is a perfect height for crowd control as well as for VIP areas.

How to use rope and post

Here are a few examples of how you could use a rope and post system:

Creating a VIP area

Cornering off a VIP area is a perfect solution for making your clients and customers feel extra special. It is also a great way of gaining attention from those that are not using the area to show that it is a special area.

Creating a museum or art exhibition barrier

Create a “Look but don’t touch” feel for an exhibition by adding rope and pole systems to surround the item. Make sure that it really is taken out of arms reach if you’re keen to discourage people from touching it!

Creating a VIP retail experience

Does your store offer a VIP experience? Use VIP rope and post systems to corner off personalised shopping experience areas or changing rooms while you give your customers the very best treatment!

Creating a star-studded queuing experience

Toward your entrance, why not line up your rope and pole systems, roll out the red carpet and indulge your visitors? This will also help to keep an orderly queue!