Exhibition walling

Exhibition walling

If your exhibition stand is limited for space, exhibition walling is the ideal solution to promote your brand and messages without taking up valuable floor space within your shell scheme.

Shell scheme graphics

Shell scheme graphics are produced to the specifications of your shell scheme walling within your exhibition stand space to create the perfect fit and coverage.

The graphics can be attached to the shell scheme walls with either hook fasteners or steel/magnetic tape. Removed with ease, they can be rolled up for storage afterwards, ready to use at your next exhibition.

Modular displays

Modular display kits are available as single backwalls, “L shaped corners or “U” shaped with one open side. They offer a complete solution for exhibiting in shell schemes that are 2x3m, 3x3m or 3x4m.

These kits provide a striking, seamless and professional look and are the next step up from the standard pop-up display stands, if you are looking to increase your presence.

Both options allow you to maximize your exhibition floor space for visitors, displaying products or literature, interactive equipment, counters or tables.