Straight Fabric Wave Display

ONLY £384.10

Singular fabric graphic and frame – choose from 5 sizes.

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Straight Fabric Wave Bundle

ONLY £594.55

Full fabric display bundle – everything you need for an upcoming event.

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Horizontal Fabric Wave Display

ONLY £356.50

Seamless fabric back wall – choose from 5 sizes.

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Horizontal Fabric Wave Bundle

ONLY £566.95

Curved fabric stand bundle – fits neatly into wheeled case.

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Vertical wave kit

ONLY £579.00

An easy to fit graphic and lightweight frame make this a top choice

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S-Shaped wave

ONLY £465.00

This fabric display has seamless graphics and is easy to assemble

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3 x 2 fabric pop-up stand

ONLY £807.00

This 3 x 2 tension fabric system is super lightweight

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3×3 fabric pop-up stand

ONLY £999.00

This fabric pop-up is easy to assemble and transport

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3 x 4 fabric pop-up stand

ONLY £1,164.00

Easy to assemble, the large fabric graphic offers maximum impact

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Fabric pop up stands

Our selection of fabric pop up display stands provide a lightweight solution and a great alternative to classic pop up stands.

One major advantage of choosing a fabric pop up stand is that your graphic is printed onto a seamless piece of fabric. This means that assembling your display is a lot simpler as you don’t need to align multiple sections of printed graphic as you would with a classical pop up stand.

Some fabric pop up stands can also be a lot lighter than other pop up displays, as the framework used is a lot smaller and may even use aluminium poles that pop together rather than a traditional lattice structure.

Take a look at our fabric displays if you’re looking for more fabric alternatives to pop ups.

Easy to assemble fabric display stands

In the exhibition industry, these exhibition stands are called Hop ups and work in a very similar way to traditional pop up displays. However, instead of hooking the graphic panels onto the display, the structure already has the single fabric panel attached to the frame.

This means that assembling your display just requires the lattice-lice frame to be popped up to create tension in your display. This makes the system both lighter and with fewer parts, quicker and easier to set up.

Lightweight fabric display stand

Hot on the scene and introduced in 2014, our Wave fabric display stands are a lightweight alternative to traditional pop up stands. The supporting structure is created using aluminium poles that click together while the fabric graphic can be fitted over the top like a pillowcase and zipped closed at the bottom to create tension.

Due to its small structure, this display also takes up less floor space than traditional pop up stands making them an ideal choice for exhibitors looking for a new contemporary looking display.