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Perfect for for attracting attention, our range of flags are lightweight and portable making them a very popular option.

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SKU WB-OA-1039 Category
  • Suitable for use with small and medium size Zoom+ flags
  • Ground must be compacted
  • Not suitable for loose soil or wood chips.

£10.00 Ex VAT
£12.00 Inc VAT

SKU WB-OA-1034 Category
  • Light grey in colour
  • Two carry handles
  • 22kg weight

£70.00 Ex VAT
£84.00 Inc VAT

SKU WB-OA-1037 Category
  • Comes complete with rotating spigot
  • Heavy duty base made from galvanised steel
  • Accepts all flag heights: S, M, L, XL and all flag shapes

£20.00 Ex VAT
£24.00 Inc VAT

SKU WB-OA-1033 Category
  • Cross bases are lightweight and portable
  • Can be used with all shaped flags
  • Suitable for all flag sizes.

£19.00 Ex VAT
£22.80 Inc VAT

SKU WB-OA-1030 Category
  • Suitable for Zoom+ all sizes
  • 30 litre water capacity
  • Rotating spigot/flag support

£52.00 Ex VAT
£62.40 Inc VAT

SKU WB-OA-1035 Category
  • Manufactured from black steel plate with a matt finish
  • Indoor use only for the 7.26kg
  • Position on flat level surfaces

£40.00 Ex VAT
£48.00 Inc VAT

SKU WB-OA-1031 Category
  • Base capacity 26 litres and the
  • Weight of base when filled with water is 30.4kg
  • Up to three bases can be stacked

£56.00 Ex VAT
£67.20 Inc VAT

SKU WB-OA-1038 Category
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for all flag sizes up to 5.6m high in all shapes
  • Can withstand wind speed of up to 18mph/29km/h

£20.00 Ex VAT
£24.00 Inc VAT

SKU WB-OA-1032 Category
  • Circular weighting ring holds 6 litres of water
  • Strong seam supports for durability
  • Stackable, add additional rings to increase performance

£10.00 Ex VAT
£12.00 Inc VAT

SKU WB-OA-1029 Category
  • 5m tall when fully set up
  • Flag height of 3.5m
  • Base can be fileld with water or stand for stability

£285.00 Ex VAT
£342.00 Inc VAT

SKU N/A Category
  • Small to extra-large size
  • Single or Double Sided graphics options, printed in full colour
  • Withstands winds of up to 18mph

£70.00 Ex VAT
£84.00 Inc VAT

SKU N/A Category
  • Small to extra-large size
  • Single or Double Sided graphics options, printed in full colour.
  • Withstands winds of up to 18mph

£71.00 Ex VAT
£85.20 Inc VAT


From quill and feather shaped flags to a range of sizes from 3m to over 4, our sturdy outdoor flags are perfect to use in all situations. Whether you need to use yours semi-permanently for long term promotion or need it for a charity or sporting event, these are made to make an impact.

A Selection Of Bases For A Range Of Uses

We understand that the advertising flag is used in a variety of ways. This is why we provide a selection of bases that can fit more than one of our flag types.

If you need to place your flag on a garage forecourt then you might be interested in the drive on car base that is made with the forecourt in mind. Or you might simply require maximum support when using your flag on flat ground. The 400mm square base is a great choice.

Taking Care Of Your Flags

The flag edges are hemmed to help extend its lifespan, but you can still prolong the life of your flag banner further by taking care of it. When washing them, opt for a cool wash setting on your washing machine.

Realistically, the maximum life span of a flag is 6 months of constant use. When your flags are not in use, ensure the fabric is dry and folded away. Taking care of your printed flag graphics will increase the longevity and usage time – saving you money in the long run.

Why Choose Nimlok Portable?

  • Dedicated account manager from quote to delivery
  • 5 year hardware guarantee
  • High quality print on every graphic
  • Artwork design services to help
  • All artwork checked by hand before printing