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IllumiGo™ Fabric Lightbox 1x2m

£790.00 Ex VAT
£948.00 Inc VAT

  • 1x2m freestanding display
  • Double sided illuminated display
  • No tools required to assemble
  • Plug and play in less than 10 minutes
  • Two twist-out stabilising feet
  • SEG fabric graphics push-fit into the frame channel
  • Power cable inserts under the base
  • Manufactured in the UK

IllumiGo™ Fabric Lightbox 1x2m

Elevate your exhibition and retail presence with the IllumiGo™ Fabric Lightbox, an exceptional solution for highlighting your unique messages and designs. The IllumiGo™ stands apart, brilliantly illuminating your custom artwork to capture attention in any setting. It is the perfect portable 1x2m double-sided graphic aluminium lightbox display system.

Experience effortless assembly in under 10 minutes, no tools required, with IllumiGo™. The design features a fabric graphic with a silicone edge, seamlessly fitting into the frame’s channels to create a perfectly tensioned display.

Our graphics are crafted using advanced dye-sublimation printing, embedding the ink into the fabric for a long-lasting, vibrant finish. This high-quality print method guarantees your graphics remain sharp and colorful, even after cool washing, without fading or cracking.

The IllumiGo™’s LED edge-lit frame ensures uniform light distribution, making your designs pop in both bright and dim environments.

Sold with double-sided graphics.  Please use the artwork template provided and submit at time of order.


Weight: 8.40 kg. / 12.60 kg
Height: 2000.00 mm
Width: 1000.00 mm
Depth: 400.00 mm


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Artwork & Templates

If you are sending us your artwork we ask that you first read our help guide so that we can process your order as quickly as possible.  Our system will only accept our artwork template files.

How To Send Your Artwork

  1. Download our artwork template
  2. Follow artwork template instructions
  3. Add product to cart and Upload artwork at the cart/checkout stage
  4. After order is placed our system willl perform a quality check.


All artwork will be checked by our system for quality control purproses and raise any concerns before printing. Please note that it is your responsiblity to check the accuracy of your artwork.  Please keep in mind any grraphics or logo(s) applied to your artwork should be of hi-resolution quality to ensure a high print quality is achieved.


1x2m IllumiGo Fabric Lightbox – Artwork Template

Information & Instruction Sheet (PDF)

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